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ITN 2012

Ciri ICT partecipa a ITN 2012

dal 27/09/2012 alle 12:55 al 28/09/2012 alle 12:55

Dove Torino

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Infrastructures and Technologies for the smart city

GL events Italia - Lingotto Fiere, the Torino Chamber of Commerce and Innovability are the partners involved in the organization of ITN - Infrastructures and Technologies for the smart city, the expo-conference that presents digital infrastructures for future Smart Cities, Open Government and technologies and solutions for Smart Mobility, from satellite navigation to infomobility.


The format for 2012

The format of ITN 2012 is designed to meet the expectations both of visitors, who are searching for knowledge, and of exhibitors, who take part with specific business objectives:

  • a two-day programme, with a markedly international approach
  • conferences on trends and strategy in areas of interest of Infrastructura and Telemobility
  • technical and business collateral workshop sessions, and continuous meetings with trade operators and institutional representatives in the Gallery area
  • a two-day exhibition calendar
  • training seminars and company workshops
  • talkshows and interviews with leading personalities
  • side-events by associations and partner organizations
  • brokerage event
  • one-2-one business meetings
  • networking activities
  • press meetings